Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Smart Frock and a Pinafore Dress

As this is my first post I thought it would be fun to share a photo of me with my sister in our Enid Inspired dresses. The photo would have been taken around 1967 or 68.

My sister is on the left wearing a smart frock from Little Coats and Dresses and my pinafore dress is from Play Clothes.

My Mum, her sister and my Nana all used Enid's patterns. I use to love looking through the books, dreaming of all the lovely dresses or dolls clothes Mum could make for me. Sadly the only original book I have is Fancy Dress. Most of my copies I acquired from op shops and a few from ebay.
With so many patterns to try I just don't know where to start!
Cheers Lisa


  1. I think I just made that one from little coats and dresses. That picture is just a little older than me :P. I can see you always loved your pinafores too.

  2. Welcome Lisa. What a fabulous photo and story. We had Great Aunt Enid staying with us and she was flipping through my collection remember garments she too had made for her children.

  3. That picture is just postcard perfect! Too gorgeous :)

  4. ooh that brings back memories, we had a box full of enid books and pins and needles mags. i drafted my first pattern, a pair of burmuda shorts when i was about 11 from one of the books. im a 60s baby, all our clothes were home made, ahhh those where the days :)

  5. Argh! I love that I found your blog so completely by accident in my travels! My MIL gave me her mother's copy of Enid Gilchrist's Play Clothes! I LOVE the adorable patterns inside! :) I have 'followed' your blog and can't wait to look around! Please come visit at Just For Daisy!

  6. Snap! My mother made all my clothes from Enid when I was small. She died when I was four in 1960 and many times over the next ten years I would look though the books and dream about dresses. Some of the pattern pictures were just the right size to make clothes for my Cindy doll too.