Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Sun Bonnet

 This little sun bonnet features ina few of the Enid books.
This is the first time I have made it.
I was inspired to have a go after seeing Tab's version
The drafting was easy.
The piecing was a little of a challenge, I've never been fond of sewing curves.

 My tip with this one is PIN PIN PIN or hand baste the brim to the crown.
This has a lovely wide brim and a little flap at the back to cover the neck.
It opens out for easy ironing (if you iron!)

 It adjusts as the back to fit for a long time.
And ties under the neck for those little ones who hate wearing hats.

 Heather was happy to wear this bonnet for about 3 minutes.

 She had to struggle a little to get it off.

 But she was determined!
And finally managed to pull it off.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sunbonnet for a Toddler

A short introduction: I have 4 Enid books, all very well worn and slightly fragile. I stole 2 off mum who to my knowledge never used them [and she doesn't sew at all any more] so I felt justified. Of the other two, one was ebay and the other in an opshop. I would love more, particularly as my daughters grow, but for now what I've got is still a deep well of inspiration!

My oldest daughter is 17 months and has the right kind of pudgy cheeks for a sunbonnet. I knew I'd seen something cute in these books before, and I found it in Enid Gilchrist's Baby Book.


The Baby Book page 20
I drafted the pattern onto Wheet-bix box cardboard, but I haven't yet found a great way to keep  all my drafted patterns in the one spot. Organisation isn't my forte, so I have lots of random envelopes full of pattern pieces floating around with no rhyme or reason.

The fabric is a gingham that I bought new [unusual for me] to make an Enid inspired dress for Addie [17 months].  The brim calls for stiffened cotton. I only had a lightweight fusible interfacing, so I fused that to a heavy cotton bedsheet [thrifted] and used it in place of stiffened cotton. The brim is soft but holds its own. 

The bonnet in action.

I did some of the back a little differently to the pattern as my good machine is in for service and I couldn't be bothered doing button holes and eyelets by hand. I've put buttons on as embellishment, where they would usually go, but have attached the brim to the back with hand sewn  press studs. They give the swivel movement needed and were much easier in this case. I used an upholstery needle and thin ribbon, separating rather than piercing the fibres in place of eyelets and the wider ribbon I'd rather have used.

Anyone know how to make a toddler
stand still for a picture?

The Sunbonnet is VERY cute! The most sunsmart of all hats too, with a little neck flap and generous brim, I'm very impressed.  I kind of wonder if I could get away with one myself but I think I already know the answer to that!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Summer inspired Enid

Suntops and tennis dresses

From Teenagers and Small Women

The fabric was purchased on sale for $5.00 a meter, the zip is recycled from one of my sister's old school uniforms and the buttons are from my Nana's button collection (of which I am the proud owner). I'll have to make the pattern smaller next time I make this one, as it's a bit on the roomy side.

New nighties - adapted from Ten to Teens

Practice piece - the fabric had been in my stash for about twenty years. It was a tad narrow, so I added panels to the sides and made pleats to allow for extra room. The cotton lace was some of my Mum' s and is older than the fabric.

I liked it so much I made another one!

This one is made in light weight cotton, perfect for those hot summer nights we have here in Queensland.

Cheers Lisa

Friday, February 4, 2011

Truly Inspired by Enid


Beauty and the Beast

  What more could a little girl want more than a princess dress after a bit of thinking i had a look at what i had and I thought if I morphed 2 Enids together I would have the bodice for Belle's dress Even down to the pointy waist, because every princes had to have that feature in her dress.

 This was the result
Belle and her beast. DH found  Beast beside  the railway track  he had a bit of stuffing knocked outta him, so we tended his wounds. Now he lives here in our enchanted castle now LOL.
Well you see you cant take a dress like this off Its just not right.

Snow white scares the heck out of me now but Alice is next apparently.   I already did Alice though..........