Thursday, February 10, 2011

Summer inspired Enid

Suntops and tennis dresses

From Teenagers and Small Women

The fabric was purchased on sale for $5.00 a meter, the zip is recycled from one of my sister's old school uniforms and the buttons are from my Nana's button collection (of which I am the proud owner). I'll have to make the pattern smaller next time I make this one, as it's a bit on the roomy side.

New nighties - adapted from Ten to Teens

Practice piece - the fabric had been in my stash for about twenty years. It was a tad narrow, so I added panels to the sides and made pleats to allow for extra room. The cotton lace was some of my Mum' s and is older than the fabric.

I liked it so much I made another one!

This one is made in light weight cotton, perfect for those hot summer nights we have here in Queensland.

Cheers Lisa


  1. I really like the nighties, they look lovely and cool.

  2. Thanks Dmarie :)

    Tracy, the nighties are soooo comfortable and super easy to make!

  3. They look really great - not too old lady, but not too skimpy or itchy either. Love them.