Friday, October 23, 2009

Cool Dress

Here is my second Enid Gilchrist creation - the "Cool Dress" from the 'Play Clothes' (pink cover) publication. I'm a little surprised that so much time has past since my first go at drafting and sewing one of Enid's fine designs. As with my first Enid, a Matinee Jacket, the actual sewing of the garment was relatively easy. I have however not followed Enid's pattern exactly. This garment was my first ever attempt at doing gathering. When I spotted the material that I liked for the bottom of the dress I didn't know exactly how much material I needed so I guessed - thinking that I had overestimated. When I drafted the pattern I kept thinking that I had done something wrong - the size of the skirting looked like it was almost big enough for me to wear. When it came to cutting the material I realised that I didn't have enough material so I reduced the width of the skirt - there was so much material there already how could it be a problem? So, this little frock isn't as full as it should be and sits perhaps a little bit "puffier" as a result.

The yoke, made from vintage material, is lined with the same. The pattern calls for bias under the arm pits. It took a few cups of tea umming and arrhing to decide if I should make the bias in the contrasting vintage material or not. In the end I thought the contrast would make a sweet effect - what do you think?

Pattern: Cool Dress
Book: Play Clothes (p16)
Size: 9-18months
Fabrics: cottons