Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My First Enid!

Well I have finally made my first item from an Enid book...only took me about 12 months! I just love Enid's work and after seeing Tracy and some other clever mamas making theirs I thought I needed to jump on in.

Book : Undies, Beach and Sleepwear
Garment: Nightgown for Tiny Tots
Size : 1-2 years
Fabric: Flannelet cot sheet from Op Shop 50c.

I chose this as my first attempt because the pattern is all one piece. It was easy enough to draft although I had some issue with the neck. But after fiddling with it it came right. I had to take quite a bit in on the sides and shorten the sleeves. Lainey is 20 months and I think a little on the shorter side of average so some patterns do need adjusting. The garment still sits a little big on her but I could not take any more off as it would distort the final garment. But it is a comfortable fit and to me, that's what you need at bed time.

The pattern calls for lace around the neck and sleeve ends but I omitted that because I think that would irritate me so I left it off for Lainey too.

The final product looks great on her and I made sure it was full length to keep her legs warm. I think its so girly and its so nice to see my daughter in something so feminine.

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I hope we build a resource for ourselves and others.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


This is a group blog for admirers of Enid Gilchrist pattern books to post and share their Enid Inspired Creations, to discuss drafting and construction techniques, general information on sewing and collecting Enid'smagazines.

We hope to inspire others to create beautiful clothing for themselves and their children.

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