Sunday, March 13, 2011

Enid inspired underwear

Yep I did it alright, made my first bra and the best part is, it fits! Not the best fit but certainly comfortable and wearable.

Bra for young ladies from Ten to Teens and Casual Clothes

The bra is made from cotton and lined with a poly/cotton blend, all remnants. I also added strap adjusters and a bra fastner. Very 50's in style, shame I don't have the bust to give it the sweater girl look!

Whilst it was a challenge to make, it wasn't that difficult, you just need to pin and baste everything. I'm tempted to try another one in a cotton knit to see if it has a better fit. Actually I'm really surprised how well it came together, good one Enid!

Hope you have a great day

Cheers Lisa

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I think I have winter nights sorted thanks to Enid

You  can't just buy good nighties any more, and nothing beats the flannel nightie  for warmth and comfort.  A pair of jammies however ,are more practical for the antics of  little ones. I had some flannel a good net friend sent me, you can see it in the body of the light pink pyjamas and the others are from  some I was saving for a quilt that may never be made.  Well not now as it is pyjamas.

raglan sleeve pyjamas thanks to Kristie from Platinum Babies for the pink pussy cat flannel for the body of the pink jammies :)
A foundation nightie, you couldn't get that in the shops any more . I reckon the monkeys are very funky.
 the pattern pictures just don't want to go right way up for some reason lol just turn your heads to the right angle :P  they both came out of the  "Sewing for your children" book.  but they are also in the other night wear book too.