Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Smart Frock and a Pinafore Dress

As this is my first post I thought it would be fun to share a photo of me with my sister in our Enid Inspired dresses. The photo would have been taken around 1967 or 68.

My sister is on the left wearing a smart frock from Little Coats and Dresses and my pinafore dress is from Play Clothes.

My Mum, her sister and my Nana all used Enid's patterns. I use to love looking through the books, dreaming of all the lovely dresses or dolls clothes Mum could make for me. Sadly the only original book I have is Fancy Dress. Most of my copies I acquired from op shops and a few from ebay.
With so many patterns to try I just don't know where to start!
Cheers Lisa

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jumpsuit and Frock

 I spent the day sewing.
I made three outfits today. 
Another culottes for Lilly, a jumpsuit for Rose and a dress for Fern.
My back is sore, I forgot to get up and stretch.
 Book: Ten to Teens
Pattern: Jumpsuit

 Fabric: Poly cotton from the Oppie
Made For: Rose

 Book: Dresses for Your Daughter
Simple Pattern with Variations.

 I even added the flower pocket detail as Enid designed.
I added the winged sleeves, flared skirt and collar.
The fabric I found at the op shop.

.This dress came together beautifully.
Fern loves it.

 A real vintage pattern and the fabric is probably as old.
There was an option to add a gathered skirt but I think the flared one looks nicer.

 My little vintage girls

Sunday, January 23, 2011


 I spent the morning jamming plums, baking homemade sausage rolls and making trifle.

 But I had that bored, restless feeling. 
That can only be soothed with a good crafting project.
I spen a happy hour browsing my Enid collection.
Looking for something I've not made before.

 I drafted up the pattern.
Then searched through the piles and piles and piles of fabrics,
looking for something just right.
Not too heavy, not too light. 
Not too dull, not too bright. 
Not too plain, not too fussy.

 I'm not sure who gave me this fabric or which Op-shop I bought it from.
But it's perfect!

 I made the culottes almost just as Enid said.
Next time I'll leave out the zip in the side,
as Lilly had no problem getting into the culottes with the zip fastened.
 The perfect little outfit for my tomboyish little girls.
No showing your knickers when you jump on the trampoline, 
climb the gate or  over the fence.

The buttons came from the op-shop.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby's Sunsuit

 I've not made this one before.
After seeing THIS and THIS version by Vicki I had to give it a go.

 To avoid forgetting to add seam allowance when cutting. 
I find it easiest to draft the seam allowances onto the pattern before I cut it out.
A french curve and quilters ruler make drafting a lot eaiser.

 I'm using a pillowcase to make Heather's Sunsuit.
 I bought a pair for $1 at the op shop.
The other I made into a peasant Dress.

I made the dress too long so shortened it with a tuck.
Yep, it's crooked.

 And here's the sunsuit all sewn up.
I followed Enid's instructions
 I think she likes it.

 It's a nice fit too
Pattern: Baby's Sunsuit
Book: Play Clothes
Size: 9 to 18 months
Fabric: Pillowcase
 This is one of my favorites, I think I say that for most of the Enid's I've made.
Book: Play Clothes (Pink Cover)
Design: Overalls For Crawling.

 I found this printed drill at the Op-shop in Pirie
There was just enough to cut the overalls out, I had to piece the facing.

 Enid's pattern are all drafted for cloth nappies. so lots of room for clothie bums

 I've lost count of the number of times I've made this one.
So simple so cute and so cool.

Book: Sewing is Simple
Design: Girl's top and Pantie set

 Thsi little top has a lovely swing to it.

 I added two snaps to the back instead of a single button.
Using snaps makes this little top reversible.

Enid was such a gifted designer.
I can spend hours just flicking through my collection.
Which I think is complete now!