Sunday, January 23, 2011


 I spent the morning jamming plums, baking homemade sausage rolls and making trifle.

 But I had that bored, restless feeling. 
That can only be soothed with a good crafting project.
I spen a happy hour browsing my Enid collection.
Looking for something I've not made before.

 I drafted up the pattern.
Then searched through the piles and piles and piles of fabrics,
looking for something just right.
Not too heavy, not too light. 
Not too dull, not too bright. 
Not too plain, not too fussy.

 I'm not sure who gave me this fabric or which Op-shop I bought it from.
But it's perfect!

 I made the culottes almost just as Enid said.
Next time I'll leave out the zip in the side,
as Lilly had no problem getting into the culottes with the zip fastened.
 The perfect little outfit for my tomboyish little girls.
No showing your knickers when you jump on the trampoline, 
climb the gate or  over the fence.

The buttons came from the op-shop.

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