Monday, January 24, 2011

Jumpsuit and Frock

 I spent the day sewing.
I made three outfits today. 
Another culottes for Lilly, a jumpsuit for Rose and a dress for Fern.
My back is sore, I forgot to get up and stretch.
 Book: Ten to Teens
Pattern: Jumpsuit

 Fabric: Poly cotton from the Oppie
Made For: Rose

 Book: Dresses for Your Daughter
Simple Pattern with Variations.

 I even added the flower pocket detail as Enid designed.
I added the winged sleeves, flared skirt and collar.
The fabric I found at the op shop.

.This dress came together beautifully.
Fern loves it.

 A real vintage pattern and the fabric is probably as old.
There was an option to add a gathered skirt but I think the flared one looks nicer.

 My little vintage girls

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  1. Wow you have been busy. I love the dress you made for Fern, it's a very flattering style. I'm sure my Mum made me the same jumpsuit that Rose is wearing. Ah memories :)