Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pre-School Pinnies

Pattern : Pre-School Pinnies
Book: Enid Gilchrist's Play Clothes
Fabric: Clear plastic, quilting cotton
Size: Three to Four years

Another very quick and easy smock to make for the preschool kidlets. This is a great number for the children to use as they can easily slip it on and off themselves. I've used 4" of elastic at the sides caught in whilst sewing on the bias trim. I followed this pattern to the letter and it worked beautifully and made up quickly. As for size, this fits my tall 4 year old daughter well and I feel it would work nicely on children aged from three to five.

"Enid Gilchrist","art smock"

"Enid Gilchrist","art smock"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Enid - Wrap around skirt

Wow it's been a long time between posts!
I think I've finally collected every Enid published.
Still like to trawl the op-shops, Ebay and Oztion looking just in case I have missed one.

Today I got a little sewing time in and drafted a skirt for Lilly.
It's a little old fashioned and still kind of cute.

Enid designed her patterns with measurements to use for drafting.
It was her own unique drafting system.
Very easy to do with a little practice.
Most designs start with a central vertical line off which you mark the vertical measurements and lines off. There are guide lines to help you draw the curves.
Enid's earlier books used woven fabrics as stretch fabrics weren't available.

I used some corduroy to make this skirt and lined it with chambray.
It's actually the skirt on the front of this magazine, but not as short and the straps are longer.

I really like the way it fastens at the back and it's so easy to make.
I think when I make this again I'll get rid of the straps.

I've cross posted this on my Mad Quilter Blog



Sorry I haven't been around for a while.

I had a couple of emails from people wanting to join the blog. I've misplaced them I'm sorry. I sort of ignored them and then they got deleted from my inbox.

If you still would like to join us here, leave a comment on the blog with details of how I can contact you with an invite.

Thanks for your understanding.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little Smock for Busy Girl of Three

Pattern : Little Smock for Our Busy Girl of Three
Book: Enid Gilchrist Three to Six - Clothes for Boys and Girls
Fabric: Clear plastic, cotton broadcloth, quilting cotton
Size: Three to Four years

A very easy smock to whip up which is nice and long to protect the children's clothes. I made this for a customer who needed a long sleeved smock but with a easy-to-wipe plastic front. I left out the gorgeous detailing that is supposed to be on this smock due to the plastic being there. I also left off the collar and bound both neck and hem with bias.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shift, 2-5 years

I made this shift for the 2 year old daughter of a friend. It looks huge now but should last her a long time! It looks better in real life - not a very good photo.

The buttons are from my grandmother's collection - they are old old old.

Pattern: Shift
Book: Play Clothes, page 17
Size: 2-5 yrs
Fabric: Cotton print

Baby Sunsuit 2

I did make a second one. This one fits perfectly with room on the strap to move the button next summer. I remembered to put the seam allowance in this time. No chance to take an action shot sorry!

Pattern: Baby's Sunsuit
Book: Play Clothes
Size: 9-18 mths
Fabric: Poly/cotton animal print

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby's Sunsuit

Hi. My name is Vicki and I live in Perth. My boy has grown out of the mountains of tiny baby stuff we were given, so I finally have the opportunity to use my Enid pattern books!

This is my third Enid pattern, but the only one I've got around to photographing. I chose this pattern as my 8 month old has worked out how to take his cloth nappies off, so just wearing a nappy on super hot days isn't an option. It was so quick to make - took me one evening to draft and mostly finish.

I messed up by not
adding seam and hem allowances. The previous two pattern I've made were virtually seamless and had bound hems so I didn't need to. It fits fine now, but there's not much room for growth. I'm not too bothered though, being so quick to make I can easily run up another!

Pattern: Baby's Sunsuit
Book: Play Clothes
Size: 9-18 mths
Fabric: Blue gingham and a quilting fat quarter