Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pre-School Pinnies

Pattern : Pre-School Pinnies
Book: Enid Gilchrist's Play Clothes
Fabric: Clear plastic, quilting cotton
Size: Three to Four years

Another very quick and easy smock to make for the preschool kidlets. This is a great number for the children to use as they can easily slip it on and off themselves. I've used 4" of elastic at the sides caught in whilst sewing on the bias trim. I followed this pattern to the letter and it worked beautifully and made up quickly. As for size, this fits my tall 4 year old daughter well and I feel it would work nicely on children aged from three to five.

"Enid Gilchrist","art smock"

"Enid Gilchrist","art smock"


  1. They look fantastic. How marvelous... I think I might need to make some of these for my two little sweet, but very messy, babes.

  2. Hi I was wondering how I can get a pattern for this? its adorable