Sunday, May 24, 2009


This is a group blog for admirers of Enid Gilchrist pattern books to post and share their Enid Inspired Creations, to discuss drafting and construction techniques, general information on sewing and collecting Enid'smagazines.

We hope to inspire others to create beautiful clothing for themselves and their children.

To become a poster on this blog please email: tracy at desertrosedesigns dot com dot au

We'd love to see your creations here!

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  1. Hi, I have packed up a whole lot of my sewing things and couldn't find my "Enid" books. I was wanting to make some overalls for my grandson who is a crawler and gets everything really dirty. He has just discovered the great outdoors and wants to get out any chance he can. I thought some overalls that you could pull on over clothes would be great.. I thought I would do a google search and see if I could find a pattern there. I was really delighted to find this site and found the overall pattern I was looking for and an hour later he is wearing his new denim overalls.. outside and he is so happy. I think I will make another pair with padded knees for him .. the stones hurt.. looking foreward to making more and would love to ad a photo or two as I go.. Kerry