Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Sun Bonnet

 This little sun bonnet features ina few of the Enid books.
This is the first time I have made it.
I was inspired to have a go after seeing Tab's version
The drafting was easy.
The piecing was a little of a challenge, I've never been fond of sewing curves.

 My tip with this one is PIN PIN PIN or hand baste the brim to the crown.
This has a lovely wide brim and a little flap at the back to cover the neck.
It opens out for easy ironing (if you iron!)

 It adjusts as the back to fit for a long time.
And ties under the neck for those little ones who hate wearing hats.

 Heather was happy to wear this bonnet for about 3 minutes.

 She had to struggle a little to get it off.

 But she was determined!
And finally managed to pull it off.


  1. Oh I LOVE it!! It is divine in the pink print. And yep, that front piece took me AGES, I ended up hand basting it after pinning, which I'm glad for. A stitch in time saves 9! Theres another Enid bonnet I want to try too, which would be simpler to make as it is a one piece.

    What a cheeky little Miss you have as a model :) Just gorgeous.

  2. Oh another cutie in a sunbonnet. Love the fabric.

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