Sunday, November 1, 2009

My first Enid ...

I thought it about time I introduced myself. My name is Carol and I live near Byron Bay. I joined this blog some months ago with the intention of showing my Enid Gilchrist handiwork. I made this dress in August and am only just now getting around to posting it.

The dress came from this book, which I bought at an op shop in Mullumbimby for 20c last year. I've also drafted a jacket, a long coat and two dresses from the same book, which I will make in the coming weeks.

I'm so thrilled with this book and I hope to find more. This must have been a godsend to women in the 60's. There is almost every style of garment a girl could want in this book. Thanks for allowing me to join in.


  1. Great dress! ...and what a bargain book find for 20c. Marvellous!!!
    Did you make the dress for a special occassion or can you be found glamorously hanging out the washing in the special number? :)
    Love it. Love the fabric.
    ... oh yeah... and welcome :)

  2. I really can't wait to see what else you make. I wish I was slimmer and could make some of Enids beautiful designs for myself. You've inspired me to dig out the maternity book and have another look to see if I can come up with somthing for me.

  3. Oh thats a wonderful dress - really beautiful!