Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blouse with Shirred sleeves sz2-3 (giveaway)

I finally finished one of the Enids. This is the shirred blouse from a Play Clothes edition. I'm not sure which one as it had no cover.
It is made from a light spotted blue floral voile with poly cotton poplin collar, resin snaps.
It has some issues but I just wanted it finished. It wasn't difficult, I just had to get a new machine half way through, and have been busy and not well.
The shirring was a lot easier than I thought but I am not sure how to adjust the tension of the bobbin in the new machine, then forgot to leave adjustment so it ended up being a bit tight for my DD across the front.
I used snaps at the back of course being a buttonholephobe lol. There is a small square of interfacing between the layers to reinforce the snap area. Being all muddle headed with a cold I put the snaps on before putting on the collar ribbon facing so it is not perfect above the snaps, but not disastrous, and just stitched the ribbon down without turning under. A soft binding would have been better but I was working with what I had. I shirred across the front instead of just using gathered stitches as I was worried they would break after I did it. I carefully unpicked it from the light voile before shirring 2 rows in the same position.
I will make this again however, I think I will make it a bit longer and maybe also use the basic pattern to do a simple peasant top without the collar and back opening. The collar is sweet though. It is sz2-3 but I think it is a little on the short/small side.
Excuse Pearl (23months old), she was grabbed straight from the trampoline for modelling. Lucky she loves having her photo taken.

As this is a bit small for my big bellied girl, if someone has a little skinny minny 1-2yo and would like this blouse, please leave a comment and contact me and it is yours. Australia only, unless you want to pay postage.


  1. Ooooh it's gorgeous! I would love to give it a good home - but not 100% sure if it'd fit.

  2. I agree, it's beautiful :) I'm sure it would fit my Jasmine! She's a size 1-2 at 13 months!

  3. that is absolutely gorgeous
    it most likely fit felicity,but let romi have it please

  4. oh no, you can have it luvin - took me a sec to realise it was harooney that posted and I already won a giveaway from her once before :)